Presentation Aids

Interactive Whiteboards

'Interactive' is a key way to deliver innovative, interesting and involving lessons, meetings and brain storming sessions. Achieving this has never been easier than with Interactive whiteboard solutions. The benefits centre around being able to get back in front of your group, but at the same time making use of the capabilities that current technology offers. Whiteboards give you the power of a PC, but allow you to drive the presentation from right in front of the group, utilising the ICT in a visually powerful way.

Tailored specifically for education but with a variety of uses, these products have been developed so you can pick and choose from resources to get the solution that is right for you. At MJS Systems we can supply and install your chosen whiteboard into your classroom, lecture room, office or innovation room.

Overhead Projectors

When communicating, demonstrating, training, or entertaining, projectors deliver unsurpassed image quality and input flexibility to present your message professionally. We can supply a wide range of projectors that have a track record of quality, reliability, to help you look professional in every meeting or presentation.

Hearing Loop Systems

Hearing Loop

Most hearing aids have a 'T' or 'MT' switch that allows them to pick up the electromagnetic field generated by a telephone earpiece. This signal is converted by the hearing aid into a sound suited to its user's specific hearing requirements. An induction loop system uses this same principle but generates a much larger magnetic field than that created by a telephone earpiece and radiates it around a room via a 'loop' of cable. Any hearing impaired person positioned within the loop can hear the loop signal by switching their hearing aid to the correct position. MJS Systems supplies and installs hearing loop systems in offices and public places.

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